Ashland Farm


Hilltoppers Pony Club
Annual Fall Fundraiser
Combined Test
(Dressage and Show Jumping)
Amoeba thru Preliminary
Judges: Sandy Osborn (S)
Sally Crews (L)
Saturday, November 22
Opening Date: October 14
Closing Date: November 11
Photos will be available at:
(Daniel's Facebook page is:

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Ashland Farm has 430 acres of mixed woodlands and pastures, with wetlands, rock outcroppings, creeks, lakes, and miles of trails throughout. A natural wildlife sanctuary, over the years it has become a refuge for friends and family as well. It has been in the Clay/Calhoun family for five generations. Our dream and our work are to share this beautiful land and to make it sustainable as a nature refuge, as a working farm and as a place to ride in the open in perpetuity.