Ashland Farm

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Ashland Farm * (GPS WARNING!)
516 Hwy 81 SW (Mailing address)
530 Hwy 81 (Grey Barn address)
1541 Hwy 138 (Members/Shows)

Covington, GA 30014-0618
Office: 770-786-6703
Fax: 770-786-8414
Greenhouse: 770-786-1807

Contact us about our produce Contact us about our horse facilities
* GPS Warning: Ashland Farm is within 1/2 mile of the intersection of Hwy 138 and Hwy 81 in Walnut Grove, GA.  If you use GPS PLEASE VERIFY by checking that destination is within 1/2 mile of Walnut Grove (and intersection of Hwy 138 and Hwy 81).  GPS frequently locates us in Porterdale, about 15 miles south of us.

Directions to Ashland Farm

SHOW ENTRANCE and MEMBERS ENTRANCE:  The map below provides directions to 1541 Hwy 138.  This is the show entrance and the entrance members should use.   
For a map to our boarding and guest barns click this link:    Grey Barn and the Guest Barn