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Ashland Farm is a true treasure. The land itself is a beautiful oasis, and the facilities are outstanding, but it is the people who make it exceptional. It is a place where the sport and pleasure horse community of all ages and abilities can come together to enjoy and learn. My membership has turned out to be the best possible investment I could have made in my equestrian life.
Anastasia Curwood

Ashland has so much to offer.  It's nice to have a local place that I can come to for a relaxing trail ride, then the next week come for serious cross country schooling.  Between the arenas, trails, and cross country course, there's always something to do there that makes a membership well worthwhile.        
Beth Stelzleni


Ashland Farm is to horse enthusiasts what Augusta National is to golfers!

My daughter and I have been members for one year and I don’t know what we would do without this wonderful facility.  We board our horses at home and ride in our pasture.  Ashland provides access to a jumping arena, two dressage rings, the cross country field, plus all of the wonderful trails. We get to experience every joy that a horse owner dreams of, and that sadly, many do not have access to.  There are many news articles about access to trails and the countryside being restricted or eliminated due to development and land use rights; Ashland is preserving the magic of riding out in the open with your four legged friend.

Riding at Ashland is also great for my horse.  He gets to experience a variety of activities and terrain to keep him interested in his job.   We can condition on the grounds, or work on transitions in the ring, or set up a gymnastic to improve our jumping, or just hack about the property enjoying the wonderful scenery at a nice leisurely pace.        
Colleen Rose

I believe Ashland Farm Is one of the most wonderful places on earth. It is the Garden of Eden. I feel so privileged to be a member of such a great and unique organization. The cross country field and the trails are my home away from home. If I need to practice a dressage test or prepare for an upcoming event I have the perfect place to do so. The small fee for all these benefits is a great bargain.
Denise Putman

I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity you have given us. I can't remember ever having so much fun riding and playing. It gets a little lonely riding by myself all the time so I love being able to meet up with people. And I always feel so.... refreshed in my heart and soul after riding at your farm. Thanks again!!!
Holly Breaux

As a graduate A Pony Clubber and an avid eventer I am well aware that we are losing open land for riding.  Many farmers or land owners cannot afford the general upkeep or taxes of their properties and are forced to sell some or all of their land to developers or others who will not keep the land open for horse use.  I believe Ashland Farm's idea of a membership program is innovative.  They have found a way to offset some of their costs and offer some beautiful land to avid horse people who might not otherwise be exposed to such wonderful riding possibilities.  Even if I do not make use of my membership often I still feel it is vital as a horse person and eventer to be a member of Ashland Farm because it helps assure the horse riding community a place to ride in the open and school cross country.  Hopefully if this program is a success others will follow in their path and offer memberships to their properties as well.
Lee Ann Gilson, In Unison Farm LLC   

Horseback riding is a bond that my daughter and I share, both between us and with the horses.  We appreciate our membership at Ashland Farm because it is a place where we can spend the day riding together.  The trails, the lake, the cross country course and the dressage arenas are top notch and exquisitely maintained.  The riding community and member portal are inviting, friendly and an unexpected benefit of membership.  The complete experience is typical of what we have come to know as Ashland Farm.  We would encourage anyone who enjoys horses and riding to consider joining.
Phil Gibson

Ashland Farm provides the ultimate riding environment.  Whether your interests lie in show jumping, dressage, cross country or just trail riding, you will find a safe, well-maintained and well-equipped facility at Ashland.  The Ashland facility is designed to support all levels of riding, and will allow you to enjoy moving forward to your next riding goal.  The owners and "guardians" at Ashland have made the membership process easy, and with their user-friendly scheduling system, you can always find a riding buddy. If you are looking for a safe, fun, friendly place to ride, Ashland is the obvious choice!
Robin Connelly

The Purpose of Membership

We have choosen to open Ashland Farm through the structure of a membership for two reasons:  we want to share Ashland and we want to preserve Ashland.  To do both those things at the same time is a balancing act and we want to reach out to people who support both objectives.  The concept of membership may be more common for golf, tennis and other athletic clubs, but we think it may work very well in the horse community.

Unlike area parks such as Harbins Park, Hard Labor Creek, Charlie Elliott and The Georgia International Horse Park, at 430 acres Ashland is actually quite small.  Even with very active maintenance its use will have to be limited.  Although obvious to some, the work involved in land stewardship and facility maintenance is is often quite invisible.  Maintaining the land as a wildlife sanctuary in good natural balance, maintaining trails and conditioning tracks, keeping arenas groomed and dust free, and keeping the cross country course mown, fresh and in good repair, etc., all require time and money.  Public parks receive government support and do not pay land taxes.  By choosing membership as the structure through which to share the farm, we hope to connect with people who will take pleasure in knowing their membership is not only paying for the day's outing, it is helping  preserve Ashland as a nature refuge and place to ride in the open in the midst of an expanding and increasingly restrictive urban environment.

See: What  If Offers





In keeping with our commitment both to preserve and to share this beautiful land, in 2011 we decided to open the farm through a membership plan.  

The concept of membership is common for golf, tennis and other athletic clubs where dues cover the cost of supporting and maintaining the facility, but it's a somewhat newer concept in the horse world.  As places to ride out in the open become more scarce, we think this concept makes sense for the horse community as well.

For the riding community, membership offers full, private access to the farm's schooling facilities, conditioning tracks, horse swimming area, guest stables and extensive network of trails;   for the farm, it offers a foundation for long term sustainability.  We hope members come to feel that Ashland is a kind of second home, and we hope they take pleasure in knowing their membership is helping to preserve the land they are enjoying.

What Membership Offers

There's a wide range of ways our members use the farm, how often they come and what they do. In response we offer two levels of membership, a Basic Benefits Membership with a low annual fee and a pay-as-you-go structure, and a Gold (Full Benefits) Membership with a higher annual fee but with unlimited access to the schooling facilities.

Basic Benefits Membership:
(For trail riders and less frequent visitors. Has "pay as you go" structure)

    • One low annual membership fee
    • Unlimited access to the trails and conditioning tracks
    • Pay-per-use fees to reserve the dressage and show jumping arenas
    • Pay-per-use fees to school cross country
    • May bring guests (with facility use fee).
      (Guests may not school XC. Exceptions will be considered.)
    • Pay per use to reserve the guest stalls.

Dressage Membership:
(Indludes all Basic Member benefits.  It also provides free access to the two outdoor (100x300) dressage arenas, and removes the arena fee for lessons with Sandy Osborn in the Covered Arena.. (Except for lessons w/Sandy, the Covered Arena is not part of the membership program).  

    • Includes all Basic Benefits listed above
    • No Arena fee during lessons w/Ashland Member Instructors.
      (Especially useful for students who trailer in for lessons in the covered arena by The Grey Barn)
Gold (Full Benefits)  Membership:
    • Higher annual membership fee
    • Unlimited access to the trails and conditioning tracks
    • No charge to reserve the dressage and show jumping arenas
    • No charge to school cross country
    • Informal access to XC field without prior reservations
      (This allows spontaneous "larking", taking a jump or two just bc you can.)
    • May bring guests (with facility use fee).
      (Guests may not school XC. ;Exceptions will be considered.)
    • Access to overnight use of guest stalls at discounted rate
Instructor Membership - Basic
    • Requires a Certificate of Insurance showing Ashland Farm as an Additional Named Insured
    • Allows instructor to bring non-member students;(with facility use fee)
    • Has same personal benefits as a Basic Membership
Instructor Membership - Gold
    • Requires a Certificate of Insurance showing Ashland Farm as an Additional Named Insured.
    • Allows instructor to bring non-member students;(with facility use fee)
    • Has same personal benefits as a Full Membership 
Family Discount
    • Discount Rate for families at both Basic and Full Membership levels
      (Core family:  a couple or parent(s) w/dependent children.  
      Total of up to three members
Pony Club/UGA Equestrian Team Discount 
    • Discount Rate at both Basic and Full Membership levels for USPC riding members.
    • This category includes the "Horse Master" program and the "Over the Hilltoppers"


Riding should be fun and riding with others is usually a lot more fun. The Members Only section of this website is set up to make it easy for members to find other members to ride with. Members may also bring guests, although there are some restrictions.



Our reservation software will accept credit cards and Pay-Pal, so it is perfectly possible to pay for each add-on each time. However, there is an easier and cheaper way. Members can buy credits at a discount. Making a reservation with credits is easier and faster than going through the PayPal checkout process. If one has to cancel, the credit used is restored automatically to the member's account.Payments made through Paypal must be be issued manually. The credit system should be especially useful for Basic Members. 


The question of if and/or how to allow dogs is, according to the survey, an intensely emotional one, and one that we also care deeply about.  However, to keep things simple at the beginning, all dogs must be leashed at all times. In other words, there needs to be an un-mounted, full-time, leash-holding person attached to each dog at all times while at the farm.


All new members will receive an orientation by video, a detailed trail map of the property, a user name and password to access the members-only section of this website, and the gate code giving private access to the farm through the new, automatic security gate at the farm's north entrance (off Hwy 138).  

Before each ride, members need to sign in.  Signing in and reserving arenas and/or time in the cross country field can all be done quickly and easily online.  (There is a "How To" section behind the members' log-in to explain anything that is less than easily understood.)

We look forward to welcoming our new members, and will be happy to assist in any ways possible to make each member feel completely at ease and at home.




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