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We hope the following photos will give a sense of why we want to preserve this farm,
as well as a closer view of the activities with which we are trying to save it.

The house was built in 1936, during cotton lay-by time,
from timber cut from the farm, and milled by a neighbor.
03-Jasmine_on_Porch-280 04-Back_of_House-280
Later indoor plumbing and electricity were installed. In 1996 we added on,
again using our own lumber (from trees blown down over the years and saved).
If you walk down the road, through the woods,...
...You will come to the Little Lake.
07-Hammock-280 08-Pavilion-280

Life is good.


For washing, cooling and packing produce, seeding and starting seedlings,
The Green Barn has always been the hub for both field and greenhouse produce.

Now we use it primarily for micro greens.

Micro varietals growing in the Green House

Micro Mix ready for delivery

We hope the following photos will give a sense of why we want to preserve this farm.   The pictures are arranged as if one were walking or riding around the farm, starting at the Grey Barn, past the farmhouse and the Old Green Barn before heading out on Three Lakes Road.   Three Lakes Road makes a loop around the farm, passing each of the three lakes as it goes.  The photos show the farm in roughly the sequence one would see it from Three Lakes Road, with an occasional side trip on one of the many smaller woodland paths.  

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