2 Male Coyotes Reconfigured

TRAIL RIDERS - and anyone out on trail - starting this Monday (December 19) coyote traps will be set out throughout the farm.  Here is the basic information to know about the traps:

  • Traps will be placed Monday, December 19
  • Each trap will have orange survey tape hanging above or nearby the trap.   
  • The traps will be set off the trails, but somewhat near the trails, so, when you see orange tape,stay on the trail..
  • Do not bring your dog(s) during trapping.  Even if they are on leash, they will pull toward the scent of the bait, and could get caught all too easily.  
  • The traps are checked at least once daily, but If you see a coyote (or any other animal) caught in a trap, please text the trapper, Billy Farmer, at 404-512-3076 and give him the location if you can.  Or you can contact me (Lucy) at 770-842-4176.
  • The traps are designed to be as humane as possible.  (One of our dogs got caught in a trap.  It didn't even break his skin.) 
  • Coyotes are beautiful - but there are too many of them here.  We will never be free of them, but we need to keep their numbers in check, for our own sake, but also for the sake of fawns, turkeys and other ground nesting birds, rabbits, raptors, etc., etc.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments.  Thank you! - Lucy