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The Grey Barn by Daniel Hamby

The Grey Barn, which opened 2002,  is a 20-horse boarding facility.  It is large, very tall, with 20 12x12 stalls, 2 wash racks w/ hot & cold water, comfortable amenities, and excellent natural light and ventilation as well as individual stall lighting and whole barn mechanical ventilation. 

sandy training terroWe have a covered arena with GGT footing and mirrors.

We have several stalls next to the  covered arena which allow us to take horses in for short term training with Sandy Osborn, resident dressage trainer and USEF "S" (Senior) judge.

We are not able to take in additional boarders at this time.


Boarders also have access to several large fields with well established turf for conditioning and galloping,  to the many miles of maintained trails, as well as to our schooling show facilities (see next page). 

grey barn nightThe barn looks so welcoming at night!

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