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As of August 1st, 2023: 

Non Member Fees for Guests & Students    
Guests & Students of Members w/ BASIC Benefit Plans 
       Full Facility Use for the day                                                                 $  60
  Choose full facility if total fees add to $60 or more
  Cross Country Schooling $  45
  Use of 2 Arenas in one day $  35
  Use of 1 Arena $  30
  Trails $  15
  Add Larking ** (add-on only) $  20
Guests & Students of Members w/ GOLD Benefit Plans  
  Full Facility Use for the Day $  50
  Choose full facility use if total fees add to $50 or more  
  Cross Country Schooling $  40
  Use of 2 Arenas in one day $  30
  Use of 1 Arena $  25
  Trails $  15
  Add Larking ** (add-on only) $  20
Member Fees    
Per Use Fees for Members with Basic Benefit Plans  
  Full Facility Use for the Day  $  40
   Choose full facility use if total fees add to $40 or more   
  Cross Country Schooling $  30
  Use of 2 Arenas in one day   $  25
  Use of 1 Arena $  20
  Larking  $  20
  Trails:  No fee.  Trails are included in this membership    n/a 
For Members with GOLD Benefit Plans   
  No Facility Fees   


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Individual PlansDues starting August 1, 2023  
    Gold Benefits                                Single payment           $ 495
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 125
  Basic Benefits Single payment $ 240
  Basic Benefits 4 payments $   60
Instructor Plans    
  Gold Benefits Single payment $ 395
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 100
  Basic Benefits Single payment $ 150
  Basic Benefits 4 payments $   40 
Instructor w/1 assistant    
  Gold Benefits Single payment $ 595
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 150
Instructor w/2 assistants    
  Gold Benefits Single payment $ 690
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 175
Family Plans    
  Gold Benefits Single payment $ 735
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 185
  Basic Benefits Single payment $ 360
  Basic Benefits 4 payments $   90
Specialty Plans    
  Dressage Benefits Single payment $ 310
  Dressage Benefits 4 payments $   80
  Hunter/Jumper Benefits Single payment $ 310
  Hunter/Jumper Benefits 4 payments $   80
Pony Club/UGA Team Plans    
  Gold Benefits Single payment $ 395
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 100
  Basic Benefits Single payment $ 150
  Basic Benefits 4 payments $  40
Family of PC/UGA Plans    
  Gold Benefits Single payment $ 595
  Gold Benefits 4 payments $ 150
  Basic Benefits Single payment $ 290
  Basic Benefits 4 payments $  75

Facility Use Fees

2 Male Coyotes Reconfigured

TRAIL RIDERS - and anyone out on trail - starting this Monday (December 19) coyote traps will be set out throughout the farm.  Here is the basic information to know about the traps:

  • Traps will be placed Monday, December 19
  • Each trap will have orange survey tape hanging above or nearby the trap.   
  • The traps will be set off the trails, but somewhat near the trails, so, when you see orange tape,stay on the trail..
  • Do not bring your dog(s) during trapping.  Even if they are on leash, they will pull toward the scent of the bait, and could get caught all too easily.  
  • The traps are checked at least once daily, but If you see a coyote (or any other animal) caught in a trap, please text the trapper, Billy Farmer, at 404-512-3076 and give him the location if you can.  Or you can contact me (Lucy) at 770-842-4176.
  • The traps are designed to be as humane as possible.  (One of our dogs got caught in a trap.  It didn't even break his skin.) 
  • Coyotes are beautiful - but there are too many of them here.  We will never be free of them, but we need to keep their numbers in check, for our own sake, but also for the sake of fawns, turkeys and other ground nesting birds, rabbits, raptors, etc., etc.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments.  Thank you! - Lucy

  For NON MEMBERS (guests/students) w/ Gold Level Members w/ Basic Mbrs
  Trails   $10 $15
Trails w/ "Larking" $20 $25
Use of 1 Arena (Drsg or SJ) $20 $25
Use of 2 Arenas (Drsg & SJ)   $30 $35
Cross Country Use Fee    $35 $40
  Full Facility Use for the Day:   $40 $45
  (Includes trails/arenas/xc field etc)    
  Larking $15
Use of 1 Arena: Dressage or Show Jumping $15
Arena Pkg:  Use of Drsg & Show Jumping Arenas $20
Cross Country Field  $25
  Full Facility Use for the Day:   $30
  (Includes access to all arenas & the xc field)


This summer we were informed that the software we have relied on for scheduling since the membership began had been discontinued. It still worked, but we knew it wouldn't for long.

What followed was difficult (understatement).  But the silver lining is: our website is now housed on a faster server; we now have new (maybe better) software; and we made some other changes and improvements along the way.  These are listed below. 

List of Noteworthy Changes:


  • Full Benefits Members are now designated as "Gold" Members.  
    (Change mainly bc "Gold" takes up so much less screen space than "Full Benefits".  But it sounds nice too.)
  • Fee Change:  
    The fee to use either of the dressage arenas has gone from $10 to $15.:
  • New Discounted Fee for Full Access to All Facilities for the Day:
     Introduced a "Full Facility Use" or "Day Pkg".  This gives access to all arenas, xc use, and (of course) the trails. This fee is only $5 more than a rider's respective xc schooling fee
    For Basic Members $30 
    For Non-Mbrs w/ Gold Members $40
    For Non-Mbrs w/Basic Members $45
  • The fees are structured differently (see below)
    However except for the Dressage Arena's $5 increase, none of the fees has gone up.
  • No fee charged to reserve an arena or time in the xc field.
    This only changes the reservation process, not the total fees due.  Gold Members and Instructors no longer have to consciously remove a charge.
  • Fees are charged based who/how many use of the arena/xc field, rather than the reservation itself
    The fees are charged based on the #s entered for non-members and/or for basic members planning to use the reserved area.
  • The Non-Member Fee and the Per Use fee have been combined 
    This will be more obvious when you start using the system.  (In the old system it was a bit complicated - and often not understood.  Non-members were to pay a non-member fee one time per day plus a use fee for each area they rode in.  Now they pay one fee for their first ride that combines the facility fee and per use fee.  After that they only pay the Day Package Rate.)  You don't need to follow that.  It was rarely done right anyway.  Just know it's simpler this way.
  • The Non-Member Fee discount for Gold members ($10 instead of $15) is now calculated automatically by the software.
    This new reservation software can recognize whether the signed in user is a Gold member or a Basic member.  When the signed in user enters a number in the box as a guest or student using an area, the software calculates the fee based on the signed in user's membership status.) 
  • Credits: When you purchase credits through PayPal the credits are now are entered into your account automatically.  You don't have to wait for someone in this office to notice and enter them manually.
  • The discount for credits has been increased as have the credit packages. 
    The discount still starts at 10% ($90 for $100 worth of credits), but now goes up to 25% ($375 for $500 worth of credits)..  
    This can make a significant difference for large groups.