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  • DRAW CHECKS to:  Ashland Farm.
  • MAIL all entries to the address listed on the front of the entry form, OR to:
    Ashland Farm, 516 Hwy 81 SW, Covington, GA 30014
    * A $20 Admin/EMT fee will be charged at each show, per entry, for each horse/rider combination.
    * Incomplete Entry Fee: $10
    * Late Fee *$10
    * Non-competing horse fee: $20
    * Returned check fee: $20
    Incomplete Entries are a major time sponge - PLEASE make sure your entry is complete!
    (Entries will be considered incomplete unless ALL of the following are included)
    Entry Form
    Check for full, correct amount
    Proof of negative coggins within 1 year  of event
    Ashland Farm Liability Release
    If show is GDCTA recognized, GDCTA Liability Release
    Before closing date, check will be returned minus the $10 Admin fee.
    After closing date, no refund
    If show is cancelled due to weather, we will refund 50% of the entry fee.
  • ATTIRE: informal, but clean and neat.  All riders must wear helmets and boots with heels.
    Protective vest for XC is recommended.
  • All USDF Dressage Tests are the 2011 tests
    All USEF EventingTests are the 2010 tests.
  • DOGS must be leashed.  Small children must be actively supervised at all times.
  • RIDE TIMES will be posted at www.ashlandfarm.com  on the Thursday prior to each event.
    (If all entries are complete & on time, times will be posted earlier.)
  • RIDE TIMES ARE TENTATIVE!  Organizers reserve theright to change ride times.
  • RIBBONS awaredd 1st through 6th place
  • RESULTS will be posted on our web site following each event.
  • All events will be held at our Event Facility.  Use the entrance at 1541 Hwy 138.
    DO NOT USE MAP QUEST (Unless you verify that the address is within 1/2 mile of Walnut Grove, GA
    And the intersection of Hwys 138 and 81.)
  • STABLING:  We have a limited number of stalls available in our Guest Barn.  
    Please contact us for availability.
  • The Stabling Fee does not include clean up.  Stalls must be left clean.