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A Note About the Instructor Directory:

Ashland Farm neither endorses nor qualifies the instructor members listed. This is an alphabetical list of members of Ashland Farm who are insured as instructors and have insurance on file with us.

Ashland Farm's welcomes instructors, and seeks to become a resource both for instructors and for students seeking instruction.

Benefits of Instructor Membership

  • Reduced Membership Fee
  • May bring students who are not members
    Non-member students must pay a Facility Use Fee
  • Membership Riding Benefits 
  • May post information about group lessons or clinics 

We want this membership to provide an opportunity for instructors and their existing students to have access to the schooling facilities they need.  Ideally membership will also make it possible for riders who want instruction to have access to clinics and local instructors they might not otherwise have known about.