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There are two levels of Instructor Memberships: Gold and Basic Benefits, both are described below.  Each level has the option of a 4-payment plan.  

A GOLD Level Instructor's membership offers the following RIDING BENEFITS:
  • Unlimited access to trails and conditioning tracks
  • Access to the members-only online community of riders
  • No charge to reserve the dressage and show jumping arenas
  • No charge to reserve time in the XC field.
  • Informal access to the XC field without prior reservations, 
    (This allows spontaneous "larking", taking a jump or two just because you can.)
  • Access to Guest Barn stalls.
  • One time 30% sign-up discount for 100 credits (to use for Non-Member students, guests, and/or reservations at the Guest Barn).
A GOLD LEVEL Instructor's membership includes these TEACHING BENEFITS:
  • May teach both members and non-member students
  • May reserve time in the XC field for groups of students.  May reserve the entire field if necessary.
  • XC schooling fees apply according to the membership level of your student: 
    Full Benefits Member Students:  No fee
    Basic Benefits Member Students:  $25 
    Non member students:  $35  ($25 XC schooling fee plus a $10 facility use fee).
  • May obtain a 2nd  membership with Full Riding Benefits for one assistant trainer at half price. (The assistant may not teach unless also insured.)
A BASIC BENEFITS LEVEL Instructor's membership offers insured instructors access to Ashland Farm's schooling facilities for a deeply discounted annual fee:
    • Low annual fee (less than $10/month)
    • May bring non-member students (for a $15 facility use fee).
    • Unlimited access to the trails and conditioning tracks
    • Access to the members-only online community of riders
    • Pay-per-use fees to reserve the dressage ($10) and show jumping ($15) arenas
    • Pay-per-use fees for your own use of the XC field ($25)
    • XC  schooling fees apply to your students according to their membership level:
      Full Benefits member students:  No fee
      Basic Benefits member students: $25 schooling fee
      Non member students:  $40 ($25 schooling fee plus $15 facility use fee.
    • Pay per use to reserve the guest stalls ($15/week nights; $25 Fri &Sat nights.)
    • One time 30% discount for 100 credits

    • REQUIRES both a current Certificate of Insurance listing Ashland Farm Inc and ASHCO Holdings llc as "Additional Named Insured" and a signed Instructor's Liability Release Form.

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