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A Note About the Instructor Directory:

Ashland Farm neither endorses nor qualifies the instructor members listed. This is an alphabetical list of members of Ashland Farm who are insured as instructors and have insurance on file with us.
There are two levels of Instructor Memberships: Gold and Basic Benefits, both are described below.  Each level has the option of a 4-payment plan.  

A GOLD Level Instructor's membership offers the following RIDING BENEFITS:
  • Unlimited access to trails and conditioning tracks
  • Access to the members-only online community of riders
  • No charge to reserve the dressage and show jumping arenas
  • No charge to reserve time in the XC field.
  • Informal access to the XC field without prior reservations, 
    (This allows spontaneous "larking", taking a jump or two just because you can.)
  • Access to Guest Barn stalls.
  • One time 30% sign-up discount for 100 credits (to use for Non-Member students, guests, and/or reservations at the Guest Barn).
A GOLD LEVEL Instructor's membership includes these TEACHING BENEFITS:
  • May teach both members and non-member students
  • May reserve time in the XC field for groups of students.  May reserve the entire field if necessary.
  • XC schooling fees apply according to the membership level of your student: 
    Full Benefits Member Students:  No fee
    Basic Benefits Member Students:  $25 
    Non member students:  $35  ($25 XC schooling fee plus a $10 facility use fee).
  • May obtain a 2nd  membership with Full Riding Benefits for one assistant trainer at half price. (The assistant may not teach unless also insured.)
A BASIC BENEFITS LEVEL Instructor's membership offers insured instructors access to Ashland Farm's schooling facilities for a deeply discounted annual fee:
    • Low annual fee (less than $10/month)
    • May bring non-member students (for a $15 facility use fee).
    • Unlimited access to the trails and conditioning tracks
    • Access to the members-only online community of riders
    • Pay-per-use fees to reserve the dressage ($10) and show jumping ($15) arenas
    • Pay-per-use fees for your own use of the XC field ($25)
    • XC  schooling fees apply to your students according to their membership level:
      Full Benefits member students:  No fee
      Basic Benefits member students: $25 schooling fee
      Non member students:  $40 ($25 schooling fee plus $15 facility use fee.
    • Pay per use to reserve the guest stalls ($15/week nights; $25 Fri &Sat nights.)
    • One time 30% discount for 100 credits

    • REQUIRES both a current Certificate of Insurance listing Ashland Farm Inc and ASHCO Holdings llc as "Additional Named Insured" and a signed Instructor's Liability Release Form.

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