Lee Ann Gilson

USPC A graduate, USEA certified instructor through Training Level

I have been riding for over 30 years and Eventing has always held a strong spot in my heart. I have learned the value of Dressage though because it is, of course, the foundation for everything riding related. I have started many young horses, fixed spoiled horses, and continued training on competition horses as well as teaching students of many disciplines and ages. I believe in the quiet approach, trying to achieve free forward movement without the use of artificial aids. I offer instruction to riders who are equine owners and desire to develop a deep connection with their mount. A connection that enables them to capture the best possible performance from their equine partner while sensing that they are a part of that body in motion, moving in unison. I provide a customized approach for my students that allows me to promote the most out of the rider. I have high expectations from my riders, yet, the expectations are within reach for each rider.

Availability at Ashland Farm

contact me for availability if interested, thank you