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Riding should be fun and riding with others is usually a lot more fun. The Members Only section of this website is set up to make it easy for members to find other members to ride with. Members may also bring guests, although there are some restrictions.



Our reservation software will accept credit cards and Pay-Pal, so it is perfectly possible to pay for each add-on each time. However, there is an easier and cheaper way. Members can buy credits at a discount. Making a reservation with credits is easier and faster than going through the PayPal checkout process. If one has to cancel, the credit used is restored automatically to the member's account.Payments made through Paypal must be be issued manually. The credit system should be especially useful for Basic Members. 


The question of if and/or how to allow dogs is, according to the survey, an intensely emotional one, and one that we also care deeply about.  However, to keep things simple at the beginning, all dogs must be leashed at all times. In other words, there needs to be an un-mounted, full-time, leash-holding person attached to each dog at all times while at the farm.


All new members will receive an orientation by video, a detailed trail map of the property, a user name and password to access the members-only section of this website, and the gate code giving private access to the farm through the new, automatic security gate at the farm's north entrance (off Hwy 138).  

Before each ride, members need to sign in.  Signing in and reserving arenas and/or time in the cross country field can all be done quickly and easily online.  (There is a "How To" section behind the members' log-in to explain anything that is less than easily understood.)

We look forward to welcoming our new members, and will be happy to assist in any ways possible to make each member feel completely at ease and at home.