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RATES:. Although the membership rates are primarily oriented toward having fewer members who expect to use the farm more frequently, we hope they are low enough to be accessible to those who want to be part of Ashland and the effort to preserve it even if they come less frequently.  
Membership Levels & Rates (printable form)

BASIC Benefits MEMBERSHIP (Trails and Pay-as-You-Go for Schooling Facility Use)

Basic Membership gives full access to the trails and mown conditioning tracks around the fields.
It also allows members to have access to the arenas and the XC field on a pay per use basis.
Per use fees are listed on the next page. 

    Individual $180     (The equivalent of $15/month)
    Individual w/ $100 credits $250     (Applied to facility use fees automatically)
    Family $270     (Core family of up to 3 members)
    Family w/ $100 credits $340     (Applied to facility use fees automatically.)

  (Core Family: a couple or parent(s) w/dependent children. Total of up to three members. Additional members are $50 each. )
    USPC $125     (Both Pony Club and Horse Masters)
    USPC - Family $190     (Core family w/ 1 person in USPC)
A Dressage Membership is a Basic Membership with the added benefit that 1) there is no facility use fee for lessons with Sandy Osborn in the Covered Arena and 2) there is no facility use fee for use of either of the two "open air" dressage arenas in the Members Area of the farm.
    Individual $250      
    Family $375      

A Gold Level Membership gives full access to the trails and mown conditioning tracks around the fields.
It also gives unlimited access to the XC field and the dressage arenas and the show jumping arena

Gold Members also have informal access to the XC field. When the field is not busy, when their use does not interfere with previously scheduled cross country schooling reservations, Full Members are welcome to ride through the field and jump or not jump according to their whim at the moment. This "larking" is only available at the Full Member level.

    Individual $450     (The equivalent of $37.50/month.)
    Family $675     (Core family of up to 3 members)
    USPC/UGA Team $360     (Both Pony Club and Horse Masters)  
    USPC - Family $540     (Core family w/1 person in USPC)
  An insured instructor may bring non-member students. Facility use fees apply.
    Basic Instructor's Membership $125     (Same as Basic Membership plus Instructor privileges)
    Basic Instructor w/$100 in credits $195      
    Gold Instructor's Membership $360     (Same as Full Membership plus Instructor privileges)
    (See Insured Instructors for a description of this membership.)


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For those who choose the Basic Membership Plan but who expect to come more than very occasionally, please look at the Credit System on the next page. Credits provide several advantages.

    • They provide a discount. 
    • They eliminate the paypal payment process. 
    • They are instantly refunded if you cancel.
    • They do not expire.
Facility Use Fees (printable form)
  For Non-Member guests & students  
  • Members may bring one or two a time.  More than two requires special permission.  
  • Instructors may bring an unlimited number of non-member students. 
  • Non-Mbr fees are discounted for guests & students of Gold Level Mbrs
  Basic Benefits Members  
    Basic members have full access to the trails, but pay-as-you-go fees for use of the arenas and/or the cross country field.  

  For NON MEMBERS (guests/students) w/ Gold Level Members w/ Basic Mbrs
  Trails   $10 $15
Trails w/ "Larking" $20 $25
Use of 1 Arena (Drsg or SJ) $20 $25
Use of 2 Arenas (Drsg & SJ)   $30 $35
Cross Country Use Fee    $35 $40
  Full Facility Use for the Day:   $40 $45
  (Includes trails/arenas/xc field etc)    
  Larking $15
Use of 1 Arena: Dressage or Show Jumping $15
Arena Pkg:  Use of Drsg & Show Jumping Arenas $20
Cross Country Field  $25
  Full Facility Use for the Day:   $30
  (Includes access to all arenas & the xc field)

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The credit system has 3 significant advantages for members:  

  • it provides a discount for all "per use" fees; 
  • it speeds and simplifies the sign-in process; 
  • it instantly restores credits to your account if you cancel.  
    (PayPal must be manually refunded.)
  • Credits do not expire
  Credits are purchased at a discount and used at a 1 credit per dollar rate.
When signing up or renewing membership 100 credits may be purchased for $70.
Credits may be used for all the per use fees. Credits do not expire.
  100 Credits $90  
  200 Credits $170  
  300 Credits $245  
  400 Credits $315  
  500 Credits $375  

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