The story of Ashland Farm as it is today began several generations ago, and almost ended in the late sixties when most of the farm was sold due to a sudden huge increase in land taxes. At that time, however, the family decided to hold back a small house originally built for sharecroppers and about four hundred acres.  They used the house as a weekend retreat for family and friends and leased most of the land to a neighbor.   It all almost ended again in the early eighties, when the family debated selling what was left.  From childhood Clay Calhoun had loved the farm, and he decided to return from California with the hope of finding some way to keep it going.

If you are interested, the following pages describe the history of the farm from its earliest days as "Ashland Farms" - many small share cropped farms mostly in cotton and farmed with mules - to the much smaller single farm it is today.

The story - which is not finished - follows:  

From Cotton to Cattle: