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shaun sharon clay edited-2Chef Shaun Doty visits the Ashland Farm greenhouseDelivery Schedule:
We deliver twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) to restaurants within the Atlanta perimeter. We are only able to deliver once a week to some restaurants outside of the perimeter (depending upon location).

To Order:
If you would like more information, including prices, or if you would like to place an order please contact Lynn at 770 786-6703, or fill in our contact form.

We contact our regular customers for their orders on Mondays & Thursdays – from 9:30 until mid-afternoon. Customers can also call us at the greenhouse: 770-786-1807, Mondays & Thursdays, but it is important that we get our orders in as early as possible on those days since we take great care with how we pick (customized to the preference of each restaurant), wash, dry, weigh, and package our micro greens so that they have the longest possible shelf life.

Click here for our current Micro Greens Product List..