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Sharon Bradley (greenhouse manager) tending some of our many varieties of edible flowersOur staff tending some of our many varieties of edible flowersMicro greens are tiny edible plants, usually harvested after they form their first true leaves. They are seedlings of various vegetables, greens, and herbs, which when fully grown are often cooked, but as tiny, juvenile plants they are tender, delicate and very flavorable. Each micro green variety tastes like an often more potent version of the adult plant.

Unlike sprouts, which are grown in water, we grow micro greens in a sterilized soil-like medium. Most are ready to harvest in a week to two weeks, depending upon the variety. We use no pesticides or other toxic chemicals in the growing process.

Micro MixOne of our Micro MixesWe take great care with these delicate plants, not only in the growing and watering (a rather complex balance to maintain given that each of our many varieties has its own requirements of light, moisture, nutrients, pH balance, soil density, etc.), but also in the cutting, washing, weighing and packaging. With no one step being more important than another, concentration and care are needed at each stage of the process. Because of the care we take, our micro greens are well-known to have long shelf lives. And, of course, in order to maximize their life, care must be continued once they reach the restaurant: they must be kept cool and not be allowed to dry out.

burgandy1Flats of red/garnet Burgandy AmaranthResearched and developed by our first greenhouse manager, Sandra Copeland, then enhanced and deftly tended to by our current greenhouse manager, Sharon Bradley, and very capable staff, micro greens are now our primary product. We have been growing and selling our micro greens for more than 15 years to local (mostly Atlanta area) restaurants for chefs to use in salads and as garnishes. They make beautiful, architectural garnishes, each variety with its own flavor and visual appeal, dressing up appetizers and entrées – and even desserts and drinks!

Edible flowersEdible Flowers



 We offer an extensive list of micro varietals and edible flowers. We have also created several mixes, designed for flavor, color, and visual appeal. In addition to our standard mixes, we can customize mixes to suit the needs of our customers (see our Produce List for a list of standard mixes).

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